From puppy manners to hefty behavioral issues, certified trainers Kaylee and Kella can help you along on any part of your dog’s training journey.  With private, in-home lessons, we work together to build positive relationships and build mutual trust and communication with both you and your dog.  Our 60 minute training sessions will involve you in the entire process.  We’ll be teaching your pup new skills and more importantly, teaching you how to continue the training after we’re gone.

Initial Evaluation (60 minutes) – $100

All dogs are unique and they each learn in different ways.  The better we understand your dog, the better we can address their issues.  During this evaluation, we will dive deep into your pup’s temperament, history, and routine as well as your own training needs and goals. 

*Puppies under 6 months are invited to a free, video chat evaluation*

Training Starter Package (4 sessions) – $450

After the evaluation, our individualized training package will give you the skills you need to create a more harmonious life with your dog. Kaylee and Kella both attend each session together, so you can be assured that both you and your dog get the attention you deserve.

Additional dogs – $75 per package

After the completion of the starter package, additional sessions can be scheduled to strengthen and expand upon previous training.

Single session – $90; Two sessions – $160

Additional Day Training – $75 each

For busy families or for dogs who need a little extra help, day training is a great solution. Done in conjunction with the starter package, these lessons are for dogs only! We will work alone with your pup on the skills taught in the training to ensure that they are getting the practice that they need.

Please email us at for more information and scheduling.