IMG_6155Training Program:

After a free in-home evaluation, we will create a training program to address your dog’s specific needs.  All dogs are unique and learn in different ways; the better we understand your dog, the better we can work together. Private lessons allow us to build a positive relationship and build mutual trust and communication with your pup. Our training programs can focus on a variety of issues, from behavioral to general obedience.  So, whether your dog is anxious and fearful, or just needs to learn better manners, our trainers will prioritize your dog’s needs.  Our hour-long, in-home sessions will involve you in the entire process and will provide you and your dog with the skills needed to thrive.

4 session individualized program – $300           Additional one hour sessions – $60


Loose Leash Walking Package:

Learning to walk calmly on a leash can be a challenge for some dogs.  Having the time and patience to teach your dog to walk calmly can be a challenge for some people!  Our trainer are here to help.  As with all new skills, practice makes perfect.  In this five week program, our trainers will put in that critical practice time your dog needs to become a better walker so that you can enjoy a stroll through the park without your dog pulling you around to chase after squirrels or jump on strangers.  Learning to loose leash walk through structured training also promotes better focus, patience, and overall communication.  This package includes an initial evaluation, ten training walks, and two training sessions where our trainers will explain our methods and give you all the tips and tricks you need to continue your dog’s progress.

5 week program – $600                                           Additional one hour walks – $30



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