I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kaylee and Kella from Willows Way.  They are as effective teaching me as they are teaching Maxie.  We were at the point of finding a new home for Maxie when we contacted them. We had her because a family member couldn’t keep her.  She was 11 months old and we were worried that her temperament made her unsuitable for a family.  She was unlike any lab we ever knew and nothing like our 12 year old lab. Fast forward to Maxie at 13 months and she is a sweet affectionate puppy who wants to please.  It was amazing to see how quickly in one session they established a quiet settle for Maxie that I was able to easily practice. That allowed us to cook dinner and eat while she was in the same room.  Walks are so much easier.  She is a gentler more affectionate dog and now wants to be under my feet or leaning on me when I’m watching TV or reading.  I’m sure the rest of the training will go as well!  Thank you sooo much!

-Liz Morley 


Our Australian Shepherd mix, Bruschi, had starting acting aggressive towards guests, our children, and was overall very anxious after we moved. He had always been a little anxious, but once we moved it was amplified. We had tried everything we could Google on our own with little to no success. We then reached out to Willow’s Way Dog Training to get some professional guidance, and were extremely pleased with the result.

We had several sessions with Kaylee and Kella. Since it was during the middle of the Pandemic and we don’t exactly live very close, all of our sessions were completed via Zoom. I wasn’t sure how it would work given that they couldn’t actually be in the house with Bruschi, but knew after the first meeting that this could work.

Each session, Kaylee and Kella would observe via our webcam and demo what I should be doing with their own pups. They would watch how I gave Bru commands, and how he responded, giving me guidance and tips along the way. Every piece of advice was backed by their wealth of experience and knowledge. Bru responded great to the training and soon started showing the behaviors we had been hoping to see.

My recommendation to any dog owners who are looking for positive change out of their pups, is to really listen to Kaylee and Kella, ask questions, and do the homework! After doing the training exercises each day throughout the week, I could come back to the next session with more questions, and the training would get a little easier each time. Dog training is just as much training for the owner as it is for the dog. Be ready to learn and apply those skills even when Kaylee and Kella aren’t with you.

After all of our sessions, Bru has shown a ton of improvement! He now comes to me instinctively in stressful situations, can relax throughout the day, and his aggression has greatly decreased. Over the past few days, we have had several new people to the house, without any incident. He greeted them happily, then came to me for some treats, and laid down at my feet while we all had conversations at the table. I’m now no longer afraid to have someone come over, because I know how to handle each situation better and Bru is more receptive and calm overall.

-Mike Cote 


Kella and Kaylee have made a significant difference for my fear reactive dog, Layla! From the very beginning, they were patient and attentive to Layla’s boundaries—and helped me set achievable goals to counteract her fears and anxiety with day-to-day life. I’ve learned so much about Layla’s behavior and how to make her a happier pup, I don’t know what I would do without Kella and Kaylee’s guidance! I would highly recommend working with them for anyone with a fearful or anxious dog.

-Danielle & Layla


I hired Willow’s Way to help train my newly adopted puppy who was approximately 6 months old at the time. He is a mix breed of “who knows what” (possibly Chihuahua and Terrier). He currently weighs 16 pounds. Well, come to find out, my little 5 pound Chihuahua needs training, also.  Kella and Kaylee are such tremendous trainers! They have taken the dogs (which I thought were impossible to train dogs) to a whole new level of obedience.  I am absolutely amazed that my dogs listen and do what they are told as well as they do and it’s only because of the expertise of Kaylee and Kella. 

Kella and Kaylee are very, very patient with me and my dogs. I most definitely need just as much training as the dogs do, so they are not only taking the time to train the dogs, but are also teaching me step by step during each session.

My dogs have learned so much within the short time that I have been with Willow’s Way. I look forward to them coming to the house, because not only do I get to learn something new, but I also get to watch how intelligent my dogs actually are and what quick learners that they are.  Stanley and Brinley absolutely love Kaylee and Kella! They get so excited when they see them. It’s like as if they are part of the family because of the excitement in the dogs.

There is so much that I want my dogs to learn and I am more than happy to have Willow’s Way stick around for a long time. I would recommend them for any and all types of dog training. They are very professional, friendly, fun and extremely knowledgeable.

-Valerie Silva 


Our pup was a foster fail who we adopted in August 2020 when he was about 2 years old. We knew going into the adoption that he was very reactive, and had a very traumatic first two years of his life. Although my partner and I had always been dog people, constantly dogsitting on Rover and playing with our friends dogs, we didn’t know much about taking care of reactive, high needs dogs who could potentially pose a danger to other people and dogs if not properly trained.

Kella and Kaylee were our lifeline. They served not only as trainers, but as therapists and guides as we navigated life with a very reactive dog. The training sessions were as much about training my partner and I as they were about training our dog. Kella and Kaylee helped us get connected with the right vet for our dog, as well as a vet behaviorist who prescribed him medications for his anxiety. They talked us through tough situations like moving him into my family’s home over Christmas, meeting new people who would come into our house, and ultimately how to help him handle a cross country move. They were always the first people we’d call if our dog was acting strange, or we were worried about anything.

During training we reinforced the basic “sit” and “paw” our dog already knew, and taught him “down”, “touch”, “Who’s that?”, “bell”, “muzzle”, “kiss” and other commands to help him cope in all kinds of every day situations. We also worked hard on games and habits that could calm him down when he would get hyper anxious, and that would use up his energy on days when we couldn’t take him on long runs or walks.

Having a reactive dog can be an isolating and frustrating experience, and I don’t think we would have been able to build a solid base for our pup’s life without Kella and Kaylee. Even though we live 3500 miles away now, we still text them pictures of our happy boy all the time, and schedule a Zoom call when we want to strategize about how to set him up for success in a particularly difficult situation. I couldn’t recommend Kella and Kaylee enough!

-Anders & Angela

My wife and I recently got a young dog, and Kella and Kaylee’s remote training sessions have been a godsend during these challenging times. Their passion for and knowledge of dogs really comes through on the Zoom calls, and it’s remarkable how they’ve come to know our dog, with her preferences and quirks, through the remote medium. They are generous with their time, both during virtual meetings and throughout the week, and respond quickly to follow up questions or concerns. They also provide written summaries of our remote conversations so that we can always refer back to the items we should be focusing on. A new dog can be overwhelming under normal conditions; their steady guidance and innovative methods have been invaluable during extraordinary circumstances. 

-Aaron and Lottie Wade

Kaylee and Kella are genuine dog lovers and will treat your pet like their own. You and your pup will learn so much from them. They are both well trusted and great at what they do!!
-Caitlin W.


We highly recommend Willow’s Way training. Kella and Kaylee were caring, responsive and very helpful. They carefully made sure we knew exactly what to do to continue training far beyond the actual training sessions while they were there. Our dogs LOVED them, even our anxious girl. I look forward to hiring them again for more training in the spring.
-Christine B.


Kella and Kaylee have been working with our two boys for almost a year now. The progress has been awesome and our dogs genuinely love seeing them! Their methods come from being in tune to our dogs and we feel our boys are truly safe, loved and understood when they are with Kaylee and Kella.
Additionally, they are always available to answer questions, provide support and help with special occasions. If you want trainers that treat your dog as if they’re their own…these are the girls for you!
-Audra W.

My partner and I cannot recommend Kella and Kaylee enough for dog training. We adopted an energetic rescue from the south who we had little notion on how to train. They were able to meet with us the same week we contacted them and met with us on multiple occasions for more than an hour to go over technique and ensure we techniques were sticking with our dog. Additionally, they spent a good portion of the time training us on good habits as owners, so we got less frustrated with our puppy and developed good communication. Their positive reinforcement system helped us quickly tame our very excited pup, having her respond to commands without resorting to punishment or domination. Our dog listens to us because she wants to make us happy, rather than fear of getting punished. I would give them 6/5 stars if I could.

-Joe S.

They are amazing! Came to our house for the first couple of sessions and jumped right into training. Answered all of our questions and gave us tips to help reinforce the training until our next session. Even came and met us on a hiking trail to help our puppy with his recall which he was struggling with. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!

-Kyle S.

Kella and Kaylee were amazing with our dog Bindi. She loved her trainings and quickly developed the skills she was being taught. We, also as owners, learned so much about dog behavior and training. They also went above and beyond the day we came home from the hospital with our son. They came to our house before we left the hospital, took Bindi, exercised her and then gave us time to get home and settle in. They then took turns allowing Bindi to get introduced to the baby alongside being exercised with proper introduction. It was a memory I’ll never forget and will always be thankful for. They’re two women who go above and beyond for their clients and worked wonderfully with our cane corso. Bindi and we love them!

-Michaela P.

Having a puppy is hard work, especially during a pandemic. We have put so much time and dedication into training our pup, but the limitations of COVID-19 initially made us feel as though we would never be able to get help from professionals. With their Zoom training sessions, Willow’s Way completely put those fears to bed. Kaylee and Kella are total professionals who have taken virtual training to the next level, and given us the instruction and confidence to train our pup to be the best he can be!

-James, Olivia & Beans


We are so grateful for Kella and Kaylee at Willows Way.  We adopted our dog, Ripley, in October.  There is very little that we know about her history except for the fact that she is extremely anxious.  We wanted to find a trainer quickly to help ease the transition into a new home.  With the restrictions of COVID and our pup being very scared when meeting new people, the option of teletherapy has been incredible.  It is simple to just hop on the computer and helpful for them to see our home environment.  Kella and Kaylee are both so knowledgeable and addressed all of our concerns with Ripley.  They were able to provide excellent strategies during our first visit that we could immediately implement at home.  You can tell they both genuinely love all animals.  They are also wonderful with follow-up and modifying strategies to custom fit our situation.  We are starting to see some beautiful progress with Ripley, and we have Willows Way to thank for that – thank you!

-Shannon, Justin, and Ripley