Our Story

Kaylee Bashaw 


My world revolves around dogs. I have a degree from Rhode Island College, and I have always been passionate about learning, growing and expanding my horizon.  I have been working with dogs for almost four years, as a dog trainer as well as an animal caretaker.  My goal is to help all dogs function as  happy, healthy parts of our lives, without taking away from who they truly are.  I understand that all dogs are unique, intelligent and deserving of love.  I have experience working with dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments.  Working with dogs has been an incredible journey, because with dogs, one is always finding unique and individual ways to communicate.  I have dedicated much of my time to building strong and positive relationships with animals.  Through Willow’s Way, we intend to guide every dog we encounter into a life that allows them, and their humans, to thrive.

Kella Woodard


Kella and her rescue dogs Max and Dory. 2018.

As an undergrad at UMass Amherst and as a zookeeper at The Zoo in Forest Park in Springfield, MA, I have had fantastic opportunities to study and work with animals of all kinds.  For the last few years, I have worked in a doggy daycare, training, caring for, and learning from hundreds of different dogs.  Helping dogs learn to properly socialize and watching them transform into a well-adjusted playmate was one of the most rewarding experiences at doggy daycare.  From lemurs to leopards, all animal behavior fascinates me, but no species more so than dogs!  The ability of dogs and humans to connect and communicate with one another is extraordinary, but it is a skill both dogs and humans have to learn.  A life without these skills can be tricky, especially for a dog.  We created Willow’s Way to help dogs connect and communicate with the world, despite any issues or set-backs that life may have dealt them and to help their humans connect and communicate with them in a positive, patient, and productive way.